Dental Tourism In Hungary – How To Save Time And Money On Dental Treatment

There is a secret that the Austrians and Germans have known for years that is slowly leaking out into the wider world. Dental treatment in Hungary is not only a fraction of the cost it is at home, it is also some of the best quality available anywhere in the world.

Around 50% of Austrians now cross the border to Hungary for their dental treatment, and when you visit some of the 1,000 dental surgeries located throughout the main border towns, it’s not hard to see why.(*) The excellent academic traditions of the medical schools of the region are now being combined with an unprecedented level of investment in high technology and medical facilities.

For those of us unfortunate enough to be living much further away from Hungary, help is now at hand in the form of low cost flights and accommodation. Hungary is now readily accessible from any major city in Europe, and Budapest in particular has caught on fast to providing the same high quality, high tech dental treatments to visiting tourists that its border cousins have been doing for years.

Unsurprisingly, Hungary’s success in the field of Dental Tourism has brought with it the media spotlight. USA Today and the BBC have both published complementary accounts of dental procedures carried out in Hungary, and the value for money they report is exceptional. Speaking to the BBC, Bill Hunter told of how he paid less than half the cost he would have in the UK, saving himself £12,000 in the process.(*) Nancy Carothers, speaking to USA Today, reported an even more impressive saving. Her $2900 price tag was less than a quarter of the price quoted to her in the USA.(*)

While much of the world has yet to even hear of Dental or Medical Tourism, thanks to the Austrians and Germans, Hungary has an established tradition in both. Their dentists are used to receiving patients from around the world on a regular basis. As far back as the year 2000, the trend setting Kreativ Dental in Budapest had opened an information office in New York to drive business.

Now that Hungary is a full member of the E.U., patients are not only covered by the stringent Hungarian laws covering dental treatment, they also benefit from the E.U.’s renowned consumer’s rights legislation.

One thing that may also come as a surprise to some is the ready availability and speed of treatment. With some towns boasting up to 10 times the per capita number of dentists that the UK has, waiting lists are nonexistent, and with ready access to the newest technologies, treatments can often be completed in a fraction of the time.

Take the example of dental implants, one of the most popular solutions for missing teeth. A titanium screw replaces the old root and a natural looking crown is attached to perfectly replicate the missing tooth. Unlike bridgework, implants do not affect the surrounding teeth. Integrated into the jaw, they avoid the gum problems and bone loss that can accompany a bridge or dentures.

Typically a titanium screw is implanted and the area is left to heal for up to six months before the crown, or fake tooth, is attached. With the newest treatment methods this period can be dramatically reduced, allowing the fitting of the crown at the same time as the titanium screw implantation. Healing should be very rapid after the implant is placed, taking just a few days with little associated pain.

Most local patients can return to work the same day as the procedure is carried out. This speed can be particularly beneficial for dental tourists, as they can save on the added travel costs of having to return to their chosen clinic a few months down the line for a fitting.

Top quality treatment, great value, easy accessibility, and speed of treatment mean that Hungary is already ahead of the field in Dental Tourism, and in this information age the secret is spreading fast.

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Where to Get Low Cost Dental Treatment?

Get world class dental treatment through a host of clinics and hospitals. The best thing about the treatment provided is that the fees charged for the treatment is really low. It is almost unbelievable.

The low cost treatment options

Many dental clinics and hospitals in India offer a variety of treatment options which are much cheaper than anywhere else in the world. If a dentists in a European country or USA charges a fee of $300 to $400 for a dental filling. A dentist will charge only $20 to $40 for the same job.

The Root Canal surgery is really common, when done anywhere else in the world; it costs around $3,000, however in Delhi the dental clinics charge only $100 to $200 for the surgery.

Dentures cost as high as $1000 in the western countries; however in Delhi they are available for just $200.

Why is it so cheap?

The low cost treatment in India is a part of the Indian government’s attempt to introduce some affordable medical tourism packages for the visitors, so that the city of Delhi is visited by higher number of tourists every time.

The government has made a deal with the best clinics and hospitals that have a world class healthcare facility, to provide the tourists with the best ambience while they are in the country for their dental treatment.

The advantages

The biggest advantage of a dental treatment in Delhi is its lower cost. The cost difference from any other place in the world is really huge. There is a chance to save a lot of money, which can then be used for other profitable purposes.

The cheaper costs do not equate to low quality treatment. The treatment is provided in the best of environment by some of the best dental surgeons in the world. They are trained to use all the major tools and techniques. There is absolutely no compromise made with the treatment being provided.

Availing the dental treatment

Any tourist interested in availing the tooth treatment in Delhi, can do so easily. The government has started a lot of packages that involve a tour of the city a well as the dental treatment in the best clinics and hospitals in the city.

The fact of the matter is the teeth treatment in Delhi helps to save a lot of money while providing the complete dental health.

Dental Tourism – The Way to a Beautiful Smile

If you have a dental problem, you have the perfect excuse to visit Delhi.

Now you must be thinking why I am talking about the sites of Delhi and your dental problem in the same breath. Well, the fact is that these two come together in the dental tourism packages offered by the dental clinics.

Many dental clinics offers you some wonderful packages, which include a visit to the city and the world class dental clinics or hospitals it has to offer. The Indian tourism department has tied up with lots of hospitals and clinics with some of the best dental treatment surgeons. The aim is to provide the tourists with a medically successful dental treatment in Delhi.

A lot of foreign tourists love to get their dental treatment done in Delhi, as it gives them the dual advantage of visiting one of the best cities in India and get the best treatment at the same time. The dental clinics and hospitals provide the patients with a 24/7 service. Also they offer complete post surgery rehabilitation, which is as good as any reputed medical facility in the world.

One of the most popular packages includes the dental bonding treatment. It is a really versatile form of treatment and is designed to be used in a large number of situations. The treatment can help to fill up the oral cavities and repair the teeth that have suffered some decays. The process of bonding helps the patients to smile more confidently as it helps to take care of the chipped or cracked teeth as well as any gaps between the two teeth.

Even if a patient is not satisfied with the shape, color or even the length of his or her teeth, the bonding process can help to adjust it according to their choice.

Choosing the dental tourism package is very beneficial. It provides the tourists with a chance to enjoy the cultural diversity of the national capital. Also the tourists get to see the heritage sites, which are countless in number. The treatment included in the packages is truly world class. The tourists get to travel and maintain their dental health at the same time with the dental tourism packages in India.

What to Look For in a Cheap Dental Plan

In this current economic situation we are all looking for ways to save money. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to stop using money to keep you looking and feeling good. There are now plenty of insurance plans available that can help cover the costs of medical including dental treatment. As you will soon discover when you search online for cheap dental insurance there are plenty of plans being offered.

So what things should you be looking for when it comes to getting cheap dental insurance? Below we offer some tips that can help you with find the right plan.

Tip 1 – First off as you look at the plans look for those where if at all possible you have the opportunity to choose the dentist where your treatment takes place. A few of the dental plans available today unfortunately will only allow you to use dentists on their approved lists. If the dentist you would like to visit isn’t on theirs then you may want to consider paying additional premiums so that they allow you to do so.

Tip 2 – Look closely at exactly what sorts of treatments are covered by the dental insurance you are considering taking out. In many cases the cheaper dental insurance plans are ones that limit you to only being offered the cheapest treatment by the dentist. Look for those plans where they provide at least two cleanings each year for free and where any fluoride treatment or x-rays are also covered at no additional expense to you.

Health and Dental Insurance

Think of the word ‘health insurance’ and the idea formed in your mind is of covering serious diseases through insurance plans. Yet dental insurance, in many ways, is different from health insurance.

Health insurance plans usually provide coverage for serious diseases that by their very nature can be unpredictable and catastrophic. Medical treatment can be extremely expensive and a purchased individual health insurance plan can help relieve tension to some extent. This is not say that health insurance plans do not cover routine check-ups and common ailments. The point is that even if companies provide group insurance plans, it is better to safeguard yourself for the future. Most plans provide limited coverage and if you decide to opt for the ones with greater benefits, the cost factor might become an issue.

This is a situation that calls for utmost discretion and it is for you to perform the balancing act between cost and coverage- you cannot go beyond the budget, but good health too is of utmost importance.

Dental insurance is different from health insurance in that the dental problems are neither unpredictable nor catastrophic. Most dental treatment is preventive by the nature and good hygiene, to a large extent, can prove to be a panacea for your dental ailments.

That said, dental insurance is cheaper than health insurance. The reason for this again lies in the difference in the seriousness of diseases. Visiting charges to a dentist can prove to be cheaper than the monthly premiums paid for a dental coverage policies. This is why there are fewer companies in the market providing dental insurance as compared to those selling health insurance policies.

Most companies provide group dental insurance coverage to their employees as a major perk to keep their employees happy. Because of the large number of employees, the insurance companies are able to provide greater coverage at reduced rates. People with group dental insurance plans do not require additional individual dental coverage.

This is not so with health insurance. Even if the company provides medical coverage, buying individual health insurance is a safer option that will prove beneficial in the long run.