Dental Discount Cards Vs Dental Insurance – Which is the Best Deal?

The first question that you may want to ask here is “what exactly are dental discount cards?” Well, dental discount cards or discount dental cards, as some people call them, are an alternative dental plan other than traditional dental insurance. The card allows you to receive substantial discounts off of the regular cost of dental care. You simply join one of these plans, receive your card within one to three business days and then you can visit any dentist within the network of the plan. You can receive savings of anywhere from 10-60%, depending on the plan.

You’re probably wondering how this is a benefit to you, especially if it isn’t dental insurance. Am I right? Let me do a brief comparison of the two, after which, I’ll direct you to where you can get all of your questions answered. Fair enough? All right then.

Dental insurance used to be relatively easy to get and was quite affordable. Our parents had the advantage of working a job for 20-30 years, getting retirement pension and were provided all of their necessary needs while they were employed such as medical and dental insurance. Unfortunately, those days are over. 20-30 year retirement plans are a rare commodity these days and most employers simply can’t afford to provide medical coverage for their employees, let alone dental insurance. This leaves you with the option of either paying full price at the dentist office or buying private dental insurance.

Honestly, dental insurance these days isn’t what it used to be. There are waiting periods of anywhere from six months to two years on pre-existing conditions. This means that if you have a bad tooth that needs a root canal (example) you may have to wait 6-24 months before your insurance coverage kicks in. Even then you probably won’t be totally covered. You’ll still be responsible for making your premium payments each month AND you’ll have to pay your annual deductible before your insurance will pay one cent for your care. Most things like cleanings, flouride treatments, x-rays and general maintenance work will be covered immediately AFTER you pay your deductible. Also, dental insurance plans can cost as much as $100.00 per month for a family of four and that is simply out of the price range of most people. This is why only three out of ten people in the United States have any type of dental care. They simply can’t afford it.

Dental discount plans are just what they say they are. You have a group of dentists that have joined a discount dental plan network and agreed to perform dental procedures for substantial discounts, as long as the treatment is paid for in full at the time of the visit. Now, you might be thinking, “pay at the time of the visit? Won’t that be expensive?” It might be, depending on what you need to have done. Let’s use the root canal example above. The dental insurance won’t cover you until you’ve gone through their waiting period. Your only other option is to visit the dentist and pay full price. Well, with a discount plan you could have up to 60% of the fee eliminated. You were going to pay full price before or continue to suffer with the pain. Is it expensive? Well, root canals are not cheap, but they’re a heck of a lot less expensive with the discount card. Also, all pre-existing conditions can be taken care of, there are no age limits, etc.

Before you go and spend money on dental insurance, either for an individual, group or family plan, I highly recommend that you look into what the dental discount card plans have to offer.

Apnea Machine Therapy and the Treatment of Sleep Apnea

Medical studies have revealed that approximately 4% of all middle aged men and 2% of women have some form of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea has been defined as a series of breathing cessation episodes during sleep that are caused by blocked or collapsed pharyngeal tissues in the airways that results in its victims having significant interrupted sleep. The most popular form of treatment for sleep apnea is the application of an apnea machine or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device (CPAP), which is a small compressor that exudes air through tubing and a small face mask to open up the blocked airways.

Sleep apnea sufferers usually snore excessively, experience significant day time drowsiness and lack of energy, and are often overweight (which can cause the throat tissues to collapse). Untreated sleep apnea can lead to serious health problems. Sleep apnea causes its victims to not receive proper amounts of oxygen to the body as a result of the blocked or collapsed airways. Over the long term, this lack of oxygen puts undue pressure on the heart which can result in increased blood pressure, palpitations, or stroke. Thus, it is very important to address any potential airway blockage issues, such as snoring, with a doctor before long term damage is done.

Unfortunately, statistics show that 80% of sleep apnea cases go undiagnosed in the United States. The main reason being because most sleep apnea sufferers believe that it is “normal to snore” and that nothing can be done to treat the condition. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, just small lifestyle changes can have an immediate impact on eliminating or lessening the condition such as: losing weight, not using certain medications, and avoiding the supine position while sleeping. If these changes don’t improve the situation, the application of an apnea machine may be required.

How is Sleep Apnea Diagnosed?
If your Doctor suspects you have sleep apnea, you will be asked to go to a sleep laboratory for testing. Typically, the testing requires a two night stay. The first evening is used to determine if sleep apnea is present. While a person sleeps, a polysomnography computer uses various electronic patches, which are attached to the body that can determine if the episodes of breathing cessation are occurring. In the event a confirmation of sleep apnea exists, then the person will be asked to stay the next night, where they will use a apnea machine while they sleep to see if the apnea condition can be remedied.

One of the indicators that sleep labs look for in determining the severity of a persons sleep apnea is the number of terminations in breathing that are taking place (apnea) and the declines in airflows that cause sleep arousal (hypopnea). These disturbances are summarized on an hourly basis and referred to as the apnea-hypopnea index (or respiratory disturbance index). Medical studies show that if a person has over 15 of these disturbances in a one hour period, that long term mortality rates are increased and that they are more subject having secondary heart related issues.

Apnea Machine Options
An apnea machine uses very specialized air pressures to open up blocked airways and tissues. An apnea mask, which is attached to the nose, mouth, or both receives the air pressure from the apnea machine and delivers to the blocked airways. It is important to note that there are many different types of apnea masks and that it is essential to have a comfortable one (studies show CPAP compliance drops significantly if the mask is uncomfortable). Unlike like apnea masks, there are only a few different models of apnea machines and most operate under the same principle. The most popular, the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) delivers a constant, steady airflow to its users.

However, for some CPAP users, the constant flow of air can become uncomfortable and not allow them to exhale properly. For these people, “smart CPAP’s” have been created to allow for various levels of air pressure. In fact, these “Bi-level” apnea machines are called BiPAP’s or Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure devices. A BiPAP apnea machine gradually uses increases and decreases air pressures so that its users can better tolerate airflow. As one would suspect, a BiPAP apnea machine is more costly than a CPAP because of the technology requirements needed to moderate air flow pressures but it certainly has been proven to help people who are having air pressure issues with CPAP Therapy.

Other Sleep Apnea Treatment Options
It is also important to note that surgical procedures and the use of dental devices have also shown to be successful to treat sleep apnea. However, these treatments are limited to very specific cases. Additionally, surgery can be costly and has inherent risks and rehabilitation factors and associated it.

Paying Sources
Apnea machine therapy is reasonably priced, when compared to the costs of surgery, and does require a Doctor’s oversight and prescription to use it. The good news is that most major insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid will reimburse for expenses associated with the therapy. However, it is important to note that sleep medicine is still a new concept for many Doctors and a person needs to make sure they are using a Doctor who is experienced in this field to ensure they are getting exposed to the latest apnea machine and apnea mask options.

Medical Payments Coverage in Arizona Auto Insurance Policies

Understanding the medical payments coverage in Arizona auto insurance policies can seem tricky. Most insurance companies come with several different and optional plans to choose from and buy. Medical payments is just one of those options. Having medical payments is highly recommended, but not mandatory to have on your Arizona car insurance policy.

Arizona Medical Payments Coverage Explained

Medical payments pays for medical expenses in the event that you and those in your car are in an accident. It can also pay for your family members who are riding in another vehicle, or walking down the street. It is completely optional for Arizona policy holders, but is highly recommended because it pays for hospitalization, medical and dental treatment, funeral expenses, prosthetics, and/or nursing services.

Do I Need Medical Payments Coverage In My AZ Auto Policy If I Already Have An Arizona Health Insurance Policy?

If you already have health insurance, having medical payments coverage on your Arizona auto policy may be unnecessary because your health insurance should cover the same events. Of course this is something that you should discuss with your insurance agent to be sure.

It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to you and your family’s protection. If you don’t have health insurance and are looking for a good way to protect yourself in the event of a life-threatening accident, medical payments would be an excellent option to put on your Arizona auto policy. It’s a relatively cheap way to increase your protection on the road so be sure and ask your agent how much this optional coverage will cost to add on to your policy.

All you have to do to start finding out just how cheap your medical payments coverage on your Arizona auto insurance policy can be is to get started comparing rates!

Dental Abscess and Their Treatment

Abscesses can form in almost any body part. In the mouth, abscesses form in gum tissue, the root of the tooth or areas close to the tooth. It can occur after a trauma (food scraps stuck deep in the gum) because bacteria come into pulp or as a result of gum disease. People with low resistance to infection are more prone to abscesses. At first dental abscess can cause pain, which can be powerful. When the tooth nerve is infected, the infection can be hidden in gum, forming abscess. Often when the abscess burst the pain decreases in intensity, but you still need treatment. If the abscess does not dry, it can spread to other areas. Abcesses which spread can be particularly painful and in common with most conditions early treatment is vital if a more serious condition is to be prevented.

The major symptom is throbbing pain symptoms and persistence. At first tooth is sensitive to heat but also during chewing. As you progress, can occur sinus pains and fever. If the abscess breaks, you will feel a liquid with weird taste.

How is it diagnosed? For diagnosis, it is necessary to undergo a full examination by your dentist. They will look for any sign of infection and you may need a dental x-rays so that the dentist can examine your mouth and gum for signs of serious infection and other dental hygiene problems. The best form of treatment can only be given by your dentist so pay them a visit as soon as possible if you want to get pain relief and also start to get proper treatment for the condition.

Symptoms disappear immediately or within days after pus drains, but will not disappear completely until the abscess is completely eliminated. When is it advisable to seek medical help? If you have dental pain or tenderness in the gum, go to the dentist. If you leave it then it will certainly not get better on its own – proper treatment by a qualified dentist is easily the best course of action.

Treatment options – Treatment begins by draining the infection, which typically leads to the disappearance of pain. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics for the infection to be eliminated. It can typically take 2-3 weeks before the abscess begins to disappear and it is important to finish the course of prescribed antibiotics if you want the treatment to be fully effective.

Learning in the exam chair

Studying for exams to be one of the biggest demands on the time you are in college or high school. With so much pressure to do well on the exam you have to ask the question whether we really need to learn to get good grades. You must have a strategy and is designed to help be more effective in getting good grades.

 Do not get too comfortable in the exam chair because you have to be in a chair that fully supports your back while you learn a comfortable chair that too can cause a lack of focus when studying your body should be relaxed so that you can focus fully on the task at hand. In addition to not drink a lot of caffeine to stay relaxed and focused. A good idea is to drink plenty of water, especially when you start to feel sluggish. Drinking a lot of caffeine will increase stress levels. Similarly often eat food apposed great food will keep a sharp mind and body from fatigue. Eating large meals will cause the body to feel tired and when you feel tired because you ate the effectiveness of the learning material is reduced so stay alert and relaxed.

Things to do to keep perspective and do not stress it is positive thinking relax and focus on learning tips is to ask the teacher for help and form study groups these tips will help you as you prepare for the final. Teachers will often give you advice on what to focus on when learning and form study groups will help you learn the material in a different way.

Another preparation step is very important so do not procrastinate and start to learn at least one week before the exam. Give yourself plenty of time this will allow to study well and avoid cramming or worse have to pull all night study sessions. You also need to avoid delays in getting good grades means putting in the time because good grades do not come out of the air.